Chanty Lace: Creator of Natural and High-Tech Lace

13 January 2020


Based in Germany since 1957, this Textronic and Jacquardtronic lace specialist was the first to develop stretch Raschel laces back in 1975. Chanty has made its mark as an innovator.
Located in one of Germany’s most eco-friendly regions, Chanty ensures that production complies with the most demanding environmental norms. Today, Chanty is pleased to invite you to discover the fantastic designs, technological solutions and sustainable innovations:

Green Line

In 2009, Chanty showed the debut collection made from soya and bamboo-fiber yarns and then created laces using recycled polyamide yarn. Now the lace maker is offering stretch gallon and allover laces made with Bio-cotton yarns and GRS certified materials such as a special stretch yarn belonging to the ROICA™ Eco Smart family and Q-Nova® with respect of sustainable innovation.

Cotton line

Chanty has designed one of its most beautiful collections with a series of wonderfully soft laces. Boasting up to 40% cotton, gallons and allovers are pleasant to the delicate touch and offer a very natural form of comfort. A sophisticated and noble aesthetic provides a new stylish dimension for laces.


In 2016, Chanty and Eastman NAIA™ developed a hand in hand Naia cellulosic yarn for the lace production and Chanty was the first lace manufacturer in the world to present a
prototype of stretch allover lace with Naia™ cellulosic yarn in 2017 offering special softness and comfort.

High-tech line

It is a treasure of technical solutions adapted to the most ambitious lingerie projects: two-way stretch allover lace with an excellent performance in terms of elasticity and different shape grades. Light visual laces with higher elastane provide an exceptional fit.
Laces with soft back and soft edge are an excellent choice for especial

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