20 September 2018


Chanty’s winter 2019/2020 collections express a proven creativity that uses every element – motifs, materials, and colours – for enhanced meaning. The message, one of truth, depth, and honesty, is far-removed from the excesses of a fashion philosophy always in pursuit of new appetites.

The collection’s mood: happiness every day

The winter 2019/2020 collections for the Chanty and Corvett Spitzen lines are absolutely on-target and superbly conceived.

Using a perfectly mastered savoir-faire, Chanty creates laces that lay on a woman’s body like a mood-enhancing flow of positive energy.

The collections sparkle with a generous dose of optimism and cheerfulness and the luminous, beautifully executed laces give confidence to the wearer.


Chanty’s new concept for elegance: sincerity and serenity

Detox: back to the basics












Patterns, colours, and grounds are handled with balance, confidence, and simplicity. This “anti-superfluous” line is creative and reassuring with nature-inspired motifs that are pared down, true to form, and full of life – such as droplets, petals, waves, and delicate filigree.

Nothing is over-done or complicated in these clean, fresh lace designs that invite the eye to linger and rest. A harmonious palette of delicately muted shades includes tea rose, creamy blue, soft green, and grey white.

Cotton is used with simple style while elastane adds comfort and stretch to the 2-way stretch products in the New Face of Lace line.

Babel: a rendezvous with history

This modern line, based on Biblical sources, is for women who always strive to go as high as possible. Chanty’s artistic alchemy uses both the world of the past and the world of today. Laces come alive with ancient curving patterns from the Genesis story subtly mixed with contemporary skyscraper-inspired graphics.

Bold, warm colours set the tone with Middle Eastern shades such as peony pink, Chianti red, and pinkish beige with contrasting black and white.

The line’s trompe l’œil techniques invite women on a trip through time while ultra-shiny effects create volume and cotton adds a natural look.



Fluid Motion: delicate softness

This endlessly soft and incredibly sweet line takes an original approach to traditional floral motifs.

Carefully worked, very subtle grounds and playful two-tone harmonies of beige/brown and white/lead bring an updated fluidity to products that are not as demure as they first seem.

These neoclassic laces are full of surprises with flat, well defined motifs accented with volume effects. The large widths are perfect for articles such as body suits.

Corvett Spitzen: elegance rhymes with comfort

Decor Deluxe: timeless and authentic






The Corvett Spitzen line is both sophisticated and functional, technical and aesthetic. The collection especially targets elegant women who resonate with the true values expressed in the floral, tone-on-tone laces. Clearly designed motifs showcase the soft, clear harmonies of nougat and linen, or, for more drama, berry and black.

Thanks to new volumes, these laces (many are Textronic) can be easily used for support lingerie and also adapt to large cup sizes.


About Chanty

Chanty has been a major producer of Textronic and Jacquardtronic laces since 1957 when it was established just south of Frankfurt. The company’s ambition is to stand out with technically advanced and innovative collections. In 1975 Chanty was the first to produce elastic Rachel lace with Karl Mayer machines.

Located in one of Germany’s most eco-friendly regions, Chanty respects the most demanding environmental norms.  The company has three key priorities: comfort, with a range of functional and natural laces; quality, through superior yarns (EcoCare®, Lycra®, Dorlostan®, Modal®, Lurex®, Green Cotton, etc.); and creativity, with strong, colourful themes and very contemporary sources of inspiration.

Chanty is active around the world and exports to over 45 countries. It has been a trusted supplier to leading brands such as Triumph, Aubade, and Playtex for many years.

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