23 January 2020



Country: USA


Solstiss raises the bar even higher

Innovation and creation are as intrinsic to Solstiss, as threads and looms are to lace. “Never saying ‘no’ to a client, and continually pushing back technical boundaries are so much more than a leitmotiv for us. It’s what we’re all about, the very reason we exist,” explains Caroline Danto, who runs the Paris office. Solstiss goes the extra mile for clients: capable of delivering over 15,000 meters per reference, per season, the company’s production capacities are impressive. “But ever since we started, back in the 1970s, we’ve always been keen to work with designers, offering them lower yardage of just 4.5 to 5.5m minimum,” clarifies Danto. Thousands of meters of lace, enriched or embellished with a subtle interplay of precious threads, are woven on 120 Leavers machines owned by Solstiss in Caudry. Exceptional laces – Chantilly, bourdon, guipure and metallic – designed for the ready-to-wear, designer and Haute-Couture markets, as well as wedding dresses and, of course, lingerie.

Between 150 and 200 new references are created in the Paris design studio every season. Solstiss is participating in The Interfilière Lab space at Curve New York to highlight the very top-of-the-range expertise offered by Calais-Caudry lacemakers. “Rather than florals, we’re going to showcase new motifs with large-scale repeats and ‘multi-composition’ laces, using three or four different colors,” explains Creative Director, Adeline Sapin. For the first time, the company’s Spring 2021 collections will include brand new Leavers laces in organic cotton. Boasting a very special hand-feel and weight, they are currently available in greige or a range of colors, using conventional dyeing techniques in Calais.

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