14 January 2020

Join Jos Berry on Tuesday, February 4, 2020 from 9AM to 10AM at her panel Lingerie aka the Business of Enjoyment.


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The future Business of Lingerie /Enjoyment must create bridges between the new consumer mindsets and design trends. Lingerie is more than bras and it is precisely this broad intimate spectrum that women all over the world enjoy. Enjoyment tomorrow has a new language, new communication, new demographics, new comfort parameters.

Jos Berry explores the future of our industry with five major directions and priorities using cross-references from inside and outside of our lingerie world.

About Jos Berry:

Jos Berry is the Owner and Founder of Concepts Paris, the world’s leading lingerie and beachwear design source, and Design Consultants to many of the world’s major brands, retailers, fabric manufacturers and trade fairs in the industry’s global supply chain. A lifetime partner of Eurovet, especially for the Interfiliere Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai and New York events, Jos’s role is to bring trends to life through experiential installations and highly inspiring work of arts; identify and dictate the colors, textures, shapes and styles that will be in trend three years in advance. The whole industry, from yarn makers, to fabric knitters, lace manufacturers, fashion designers, art directors and industry CEOs, all over the world, follow her lead on what is going to be “big” in the market for the upcoming seasons.


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