24 September 2019

“Lace is all about design. We are selling art, not just fabric in lace.”

Art is beauty, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We invite you to explore the lace artistry of PT. Sinar Para Taruna (Sipatatex).

Trends in lace are changing quickly and dramatically. While basic lace patterns such as flowers, fruit, and leaves have maintained their popularity, buyers are always looking for something different. Additionally, buyers are becoming much more interested in sustainable and organic materials.

Sinar Para Taruna (Sipatatex) is an environmentally friendly company that takes sustainability seriously. Most of the company’s dyeing machines are equipped with water-saving instruments, which save about 60% of the water and 60% of the chemical dye used in comparison to traditional dyeing machines. Sinar Para Taruna is also currently constructing a water recycling plant on-site, which will be completed at the end of this year.

Another priority for PT. Sinar Para Taruna (Sipatatex) is creating new and innovative designs for their customers. The company is currently exploring the use of lines and patterns with a geometric design to provide for growing trends. Sinar Para Taruna is also exploring 3D-look designs through the use of layered yarns. For buyers who want something different, the company creates technical lace designs that lack the ‘mirror-image’ of typical lace bands.



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