summer 2021 trends: MACRO-DIRECTIONS TO FOLLOW

1 October 2019

“Where in the world are we after all the hype about Me-Too and inclusivity? The new lingerie collections have to reflect that, each fabric and each shape needs to be carefully selected so that there is a real evolution in product. Then there is the challenge of diversification; combining the practical demands with innovation for the total offer, the merchandising and display need to reflect the need of women to experience not only practical comfort, but also emotion, the longing to buy and the pleasure to browse whether in real shops or online.“

Women’s ’needs’ are divided in four macro directions which are reflected in the trends below:

  • the need to MOVE and be ACTIVE
  • the need to DISCOVER and TRAVEL
  • the need to RELAX and REVIVE
  • the need to EXPERIENCE NATURE


There is no end to our discovery of flowers, leaves and fruits. We are now seeing a diversified development, going from classic demure little scale to silky archive flowers and ethnic inspiration. For laces, embroidery and jacquards, see a trend towards more texture and color. In general a very graphical treatment: ‘readable’ to have visual impact in E-commerce. The PJ and kimono trend has at last reached the nightwear category, understanding that versatility endures and demands fashion colors and scales



The strongest evolving direction now ranges from active and athleisure inspirations to the hottest developments in lace and embroidery. For laces, embroidery, jacquards and all mesh types, the most important is to look OUT OF THE BOX. Hottest are inspirations from tribal origins and mosaics. Africa is a hot source of inspiration for rhythmical designs and colors. We look for new elastics, functional net types and everything with a technical edge for shapewear and athleisure.



What we use to call ‘basics’ or everyday wear is evolving in the hands of startup brands and is a very hot area for technological developments and research in sustainable materials. The influence of sport and streetwear is dominating loungewear, where the element of multifunctionality determines success. Softness and lightweights are important in all classifications, especially in the new generation of ‘smoothwear’ with fabrics suitable for free-cut and bonding.



Technology with charm is the expression we like to use for the now! Priority on the shopping list of buyers. Newness combined with optimization of comfort and good looks, is the key for success. Sustainability, whether yarn developments, recycling or water saving dying is now self-evident. We now start to look for lasting quality and beauty with a longer lifespan as the sustainable factor. Very strong is the research into real naturals, or man-made naturals, for yarns and cup technology.

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