The Virtual Century: Digital goes from storytelling to story-doing! Part 1: digital tools for eco-design.

30 June 2020

This period of imposed physical and social distancing is moving the digital transformation forward, and it certainly seems to be a driver of eco-design. Indeed, innovative service solutions provide flexibility and agility, at a time when the textile sector is in real upheaval. With Interfilière Paris, we will examine how these digital tools for trend analysis, design, production management, and certification, are becoming essential to the sustainable evolution of the entire manufacturing chain.

Here’s a bit of data to begin:

“The adoption of digital technologies will accelerate, and obstacles to going virtual must be overcome. The winners will be those who will test and explore all the associated creative options. Anything that can be done virtually, will be done.”

Source: Accenture (advisory firm specialized in new technologies)

“61% of consumers would be less inclined to purchase a product if they discovered it was not very environmentally friendly” Source: LE DEFI

Since it’s no easy matter for professionals to get their bearings in all this, nor for consumers to focus on what are best practices, here are a few ideas for effective, sustainable technologies.


Founded in 2013, Heuritech is a platform for trend analysis based on artificial intelligence. Using visual recognition technology, images posted on social media are examined, and permit an identification of the most sought-after products. The R&D departments of the biggest names in fashion (LVMH, Dior, Adidas) trust  Heuritech to evaluate market behavior and thus limit excess production and inventory and waste…With the help of Julie Pont, its Creative Director, this brand defines a research panel and the data to be collected, in preparation for the relevant market study. To take things a step further, trend and market survey publications are regularly shared on their website.


HYPERCURVE: An inclusive 3D design solution
Rosa Kramer is a lingerie designer and a real tech enthusiast. Her dual experience in the design studio at Prima Donna and in-shop at La Perla led her to conclude that the fit experience in lingerie deserves an engineered digital tool. She thus founded 3D design studio HYPERcurve, where she offers 3D product development services, in the form of individual consultations or by making a library of avatars available in a variety of sizes. These are avatars upon which brands can then virtually place their products. Within 3 weeks, using their Clo3D software, the product developed is shown in all sizes and on all body types and skin tones requested by the brand. This happens through entering data on weight, stretch capacity, width, etc. This science is also perfect for fabric manufacturers who wish to visualize their developments and the drape of their fabric, prior to production.


TEKYN: A storage and & on-demand production solution
Founded in 2017, Tekyn is a French Fashion-Tech start-up which, using its online platform and mobile app, offers automated storage and on-demand production. Localized distribution and manufacturing, flexibility, and responsiveness are the major advantages provided by Tekyn, which prepares manufacturing kits, including cutting and marking, according to each style and the brand’s collection plan, before sending them to a workshop for production…This management model has a major environmental impact, because it reduces the amount of unsold goods. For brands, this service helps them adjust production to better manage reorders and find new garment workshops. For garment factories, it eases order preparation and production-line management.


VIJI: A B-to-B solution for certification and CSR management services
Founded in 2019, Viji is a French digital platform (website and mobile app) with a two-fold objective: retracing the manufacturing chain to help brands be more transparent and providing reliable CSR information for the consumer. By collecting data throughout the design process (Level 1: manufacturers, organizations, certifiers, etc.), their technology authenticates information. By scanning the product’s barcode, the consumer will find performance indicators for user health and safety, social conditions, product origin, and environmental conditions of its manufacture. There are no grades provided, as on other apps, because the systemic approach of their model focuses on overall product consistency, and not partial data that’s frozen in time.

The Viji company has just signed a partnership with eco-friendly brand platform Sloweare, which includes 28 member brands, including Olly lingerie and activewear brand Gaya skin. ViJi thus allows brands to truly, independently, tell the full story of their garments.


Lizee is a direct-to-consumer logistics and e-commerce solution for white-label rental. They guide fashion brands toward a sustainable, circular model, setting up the rental of products provided by brands. Their technology is implemented on the brand’s website, and Lizee manages the shipment and return of products at the end of their life cycle. Their partners include Decathlon, SKFK, and Galeries Lafayette, for whom the platform manages luxury handbag rental targeted to millennials. New products placed online for rental solve the consumer problem of frequency of use, such as for the wardrobe of a child who is growing quickly, for example. In addition, by using blockchain to generate a product ID that authenticates a garment and its quality, with each successive rental, brands receive information on the durability or abrasion of their product, as a sort of large-scale quality test.



Until we meet again at the next show, let’s enjoy the Art of all things Live, with webinars from Interfilière Paris every Tuesday at 3 p.m. (Paris time). I will, in fact, have the pleasure of participating in the next one on sustainable solutions for utilitarian elegance, so mark your calendars for Tuesday, June 23rd.

Keeping in mind this awareness of the technical aspects specific to the world of lingerie and swimwear, in the next article, we’ll take things a step further, with digital solutions for end of product life cycle, retail sales, and financing…Stay tuned!


Aude Penouty
Entada Textile

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